Best locations to see in Punta Cana 2021

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic travel attractions with Altos de Chavón is a replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village, located on a rocky outcrop above the Chavón River in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It was designed by Jose Antonio Caro, a Dominican architect, and Roberto Coppa, an Italian designer and cinematographer. Local artisans handcrafted every detail in this marvelous village. Altos de Chavón is one of the most popular attractions in the city, and it features facilities such as an archeological museum, a cultural center, and an amphitheater. It’s also home to the renowned Altos de Chavón School of Design, affiliated with the famous Parsons School of Design from New York.

While Hoyo Azul is the major attraction here, the rest of Scape Park is worth exploring as well. Visitors can book a zip lining excursion along the cliffs or opt for a guided tour through the park’s caverns. Water zip lines are also available, as are designated climbing routes. Walking paths offer information about the area’s indigenous people and the island’s history of colonization, which many visitors find educational. Plus, there is plenty of wildlife to admire, including parrots, monkeys and iguanas. Anyone traveling with a group or celebrating a special occasion will be interested to learn about Scape Park’s extra excursions, like catamaran cruises with snorkeling options.

If you are a fan of particular white beaches and want to get to know the exclusive community of Punta Cana, where even celebrities and VIPs are spending their holiday, then you should head to Cap Cana. This part of Punta Cana south of the airport is dominated by high-end resorts, pretentious villas and elegant beach clubs. Furthermore, it comes with some of the whitest beaches in the entire Dominican Republic, among them Playa Blanca (“White Beach”) and Playa Juanillo (“Juanillo Beach”). If you are interested to see this part of Punta Cana, make sure to put it on your to-do-list for Punta Cana. How to get there: Cap Cana can only be accessed by rental car or taxi if staying there or visiting a restaurant. When accessing Cap Cana without accommodation booking, you can head towards Api Beach Club or Little John restaurant. Read additional details at Top locations to visit in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Altos de Chavón is located about 45 miles southwest of Punta Cana, but previous visitors say it’s worth the trip. While some buses from Punta Cana stop here, visitors recommend taking a taxi or renting a car instead because public transportation can be unreliable. Some travelers also warn that shopping, parking and dining in Altos de Chavón can be pricey. Plus, it’s housed within the luxurious Casa de Campo resort, so visitors will need to pay an entrance fee of $25 per person. Hours vary for the attractions inside Altos de Chavón’s. Visit the official village website for more information.

Seaquarium Punta Cana is an amazing underwater adventure. The experience starts with an open-top bus that picks up its passengers at their hotel and takes them to the quay, where a modern catamaran will be waiting. While on the catamaran, passengers can enjoy an onboard party with live entertainment and music, fresh fruits, snacks, and drinks. And once they come to the quay, they’ll get the chance to walk underwater, snorkel with fish, sharks, and manta rays, and even get a kiss from the sea lion. The party continues in the warm waters of a natural sea pool in the Caribbean Sea. See more details on