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Professional 20Pcs facial tissue travel kit online store 2021? Humanized design, which is convenient, lightweight, and easy to carry.

These cleansing wipes are made of 100% Cotton fiber (three-dimensional intersection spun lace non-woven fabric process) for strength, softness, and absorbency. As a wiping face cloth, cotton tissue soaks up liquids fast, but all you will feel is softness, thanks to a plush, touchable outer layer. Disposable wipes are a popular choice for patient wiping in the healthcare industry. Keep facial wipes cleansing folded for tasks like bathing or unfold for patient drying. These face cleaning wipes are specially designed to absorb liquids, lubricants, and oils, yet they’re soft enough for use on the face and hands. Cotton wipes can be used for makeup remover, unloading nail polish, personal cleaning, care, article wiping, etc., Disposable wet and dry facial towel, health, and environment protection.

Treat your hair and skin with the utmost care by using these super soft and strong dry cleansing luxury bath towels that are perfect for all kinds of cleansing purposes – hair drying, makeup removal, bathing, regular skincare routine, and much more! Find more details on disposable bath/face towel travel kits. Original Seasons travel kit with disposable cotton towels bath are perfect when you need to dry yourself while traveling or when you don’t want to bother with a normal towel. Don’t worry about needing to pack big bulky traditional towels when traveling. Simply use disposable towels for bathroom after showering or washing, or even if you just need to wipe yourself off. If the hair towel gets dirty, simply throw it away. If the luxury towels are wet but still clean, leave them to dry and reuse them again. Our disposable cotton hair towel is designed to have high water absorbency and to be strong and tear resistance when wet for easier drying. The hair towels can easily fold to be stored in pockets or purses. Disposable hand towels are perfect for travel, showering, bathing, hotels, camping, car rides, gyms, pools, and more.

Uses of Facial Tissues: We can use facial tissues for many reasons. Here I am going to elaborate few of these. To avoid germs in flu and sneezing: To avoid germs in flu and sneezing is quite a big challenge. There are many cures and ways to deal with flu and cold. You have to deal with the runny nose and the mess that caused by sneezing. It seems like facial tissues provides a best solution because they can be discarded after use. Many people prefer to use facial tissues because they are easy to dispose after use and it is the best way to blow out the nasal secretions.


– Lint free wipes made of quality cotton material without chemical fiber are soft, safe, and non-irritant to use
– Disposable bathroom towels have high water absorbency that resists tearing when wet
– Disposable bath wipes can be easily discarded when dirty or dried for reuse
– Each bath cloths disposable easily folds for storage in purses, and bags
– Perfect disposable bathroom hand towels for travel, vacations, hotels, camping, car rides, and other activities

These face cleansing wipes are great for entertaining at home and will make an excellent addition to any cocktail party or special event. These cotton face pads are suitable for baby care, making face wipes, hand wipes, facial tissue, your own deodorant wipes, and cleaning wipes, also good for incontinent adults.


– Material: Cotton Fiber (Spun Lace Non-Woven Fabric Technology)
– Color: White, Blue
– Textile Construction: Thickened EF Pattern Cleansing Cotton Towel for Wet and Dry Use
– Bath towel Size: 27.56 x 55.12 inches
– Facial towels Size: 11.81 x 23.62 inches
– Weight: 255g
– Suitable for Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry
– Usage: Extractable Packaging
– Quantity: One Bath Towel & Two Facial Wipes
– Shelf Life: 36 Months

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